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“I love this place!! I have super fair skin so I don’t really tan, just burn. The tan was quick, just 15 min and Ellen knew exactly what color would look best for my skin tone. I got tons of compliments on my tan and it helped reduce the appearance of acne on my face. I will definitely be back!!” – Gillian Rich, West Virginia

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  • Buena Park, CA

I was one of Ellen’s first people that she tanned when she got started, and let me tell you, she is THE TRUTH! I am a black girl, light-skinned black girl, and I tend to get super pale in the winter, but a beautiful bronze in the summer….Well, Ellen gave me a beautiful bronze glow, and in a few minutes! It was no sweat, LITERALLY! I didn’t have to lay out, and sweat my ass off, risk sunburn, expose myself to skin cancer..none of that! Just strip down, and get sprayed down! Easy Peasy! And the tan lasted a good couple of weeks! And my hubby LOVED it too because I had very minimal tan lines…(I wore a bathing suit) But if you are looking for a great mobile tanner, who has hella personality, call Ellen at Tan This LA to hook you up! You won’t be sorry!!

Tan This L.A is the best mobil spray Tan. Easy Fast, in your home service with amazing results.. Ellen is very professional and so wonderful to be around. I also think her price is more than fair and very competitive.
I use her weekly.

LOVE THIS!!! I am very very pale and sensitive to sun.  Actually tanning and getting sun damage is just not an option for me. Tan this LA put a beautiful glow on my skin. I looked wonderful. My favorite part is that it didn’t rub off on my sheets while asleep. Super realistic look and high quality product. I highly recommend this!!